Movement.  Energy. Action.

We are Ballistic Blade Entertainment and we specialize in camera operation, fight choreography and editing. Our background allows us to bring a cinematic touch to all our projects.  We have a variety of skill sets that run the full gamut of the production spectrum and also include drone videography social media management.  We have experience in creating corporate videos and feature films. Contact us and lets get started on your next project!

Benjamin N. Redic II

Benjamin aka "The Violence Conductor" is the primary camera op, fight choreographer and writer for the company. He is also the CEO.

Jerry Brooks

Jerry aka "Ceezaer" is lead drone operator for the company. In addition to assistant director work he also functions as a camera operator.

Edwin Quinones

Edwin aka "El Tiro De Muerte" is lead editor and camera man. He also functions as a fight choreographer, script doctor and actor.

Detrick T. Gales- Audio Production

Detrick Gales

Detrick aka "President Business" heads up Beatz Ballistic and is in charge of audio mixing and production. You'll hear his tracks on many of our projects.

Ming House Ving Tsun

3rd generation Yip Man (Ip Man) lineage under the Moy Yat family preserving Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) kung fu and kung fu life for future generations. We are proud to be in partnership with Ballistic Blade Entertainment.

Catalyst Collective

As a non-profit, storytelling is crucial. Ballistic Blade has done an amazing job for us over the years of capturing what we do best through film and helping us tell the story of our organization. We love the artistic style, experience and passion they bring to every project they are a part of.

Chilimbwe Washington

The gentlemen that Ballistic Blade are in the mindset of doing work. Not just talking about it. I've been working with them for over 2 years and if you don't know, about them, you will.

Jeffery Johnson

BBE has all the tools to get the project done. They maintain strong relationship and are constantly connecting people to new and exciting opportunities. From Industrial shoots, to short films, BBE has you covered!

Contact Us!

Phone: 855-424-3456 (FILM)