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Movement. Action. Energy. What's your story?

Commercial Videography

We are experienced in the production of numerous types of corporate videos. Here is just a sample of the various productions we have completed for our clients. Commercials Testimonials Social Media Videos Training Videos Speeches Live Events

Wedding Videography

Let us capture and preserve your special day! Ballistic Blade is skilled not only in the capture of the event, but also specializes in condensed engagement videos. We use our narrative feature and short film experience to craft a truly memorable nuptial video.


We are a group of storytellers that specialize in movement and action. With multiple feature and short films completed and a number still in production, we are constantly refining our skills. We are skilled in all phases of production. Contact us so we can start the process of getting that movie made!


Benjamin N. Redic II

CEO, Cinematographer, Fight Choreographer

Benjamin Nathaniel Redic II aka “The Violence Conductor" is a producer, writer, cinematographer and fight choreographer. He's had a passion for media and entertainment ever since he was a child and often performed in school plays and competitions. Hailing from Killeen, Tx, Ben is the child of dual military parents. He spent the first ten years of his professional career in sales and management positions which prepared him to lead Ballistic Blade Entertainment while making his foray into the world of entertainment and video production. Click here for more detailed biography.

Edwin Quinones

Cinematographer, Writer, Editor, Director

Co-Founder and Lead cinematographer Edwin Quinones is major part of the Ballistic Blade team. Hailing from Killeen Tx, he is also a military brat. Edwin works tirelessly and has screened Ballistic Blade Entertainment content for various film competitions with one goal in mind, to eventually release a full length feature film. He has shot hundreds of vlogs podcasts and short films here in Austin. A Co-Founder of Ballistic Blade Entertainment, he specializes in Cinematography with a lot of energy and Editing fast paced projects.

Jerry Brooks

IT, Social Media, Drone Operator, Assistant Director

Co-Founder, CIO Jerry L. Brooks has been critical in the shaping of the company's image. A former Airforce veteran and hardworking professional with bonds in the filming community in Austin, Texas, Jerry brings multiple years of experience to the organization. Jerry often functions as a 1st Assistant Director for many of the projects. When he was active duty he worked on laser targeting systems for air assault vehicles. Now his laser-like focus is on building up Ballistic Blade's drone videography business.


As a non-profit, storytelling is crucial. Ballistic Blade has done an amazing job for us over the years of capturing what we do best through film and helping us tell the story of our organization. We love the artistic style, experience and passion they bring to every project they are a part of.

Joe Elliott
BBE has all the tools to get the project done. They maintain strong relationship and are constantly connecting people to new and exciting opportunities. From Industrial shoots, to short films, BBE has you covered!

Jeffery Johnson
The gentlemen that Ballistic Blade are in the mindset of doing work. Not just talking about it. I've been working with them for over 2 years and if you don't know, about them, you will. Every time they go out, they up their game. "Do Work", it's not just a slogan.

Chilimbwe Washington
We are a third generation Yip Man (Ip Man) lineage under the Moy Yat family preserving Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) kung fu and kung fu life for future generations. We are proud to be in partnership with Ballistic Blade Entertainment.

Ming House Ving Tsun



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