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The Crowd Fund is Live!! Who will be first to donate?!?!?

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The Crowd Fund is Live!!! The goal is set at a modest $7,000.00!!! Let’s make this film a reality. Let’s shoot it THIS summer! Let’s do something that will affect the Central Texas film community. Accept the Event Invite and share with everyone you know. If you are in the industry contact us as well. We want to put as many Texans and Indies in the film as possible! Anyone who wants to come alongside and help us market contact me as well. We could use some help and support! Thanks. Love you All!

Support Chinaman Wu-Ping!!!!

Just a fraction of our talent and crew!!


Chinaman Wu-Ping crowd funding begins 3/21/15

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Yes.  The final push is upon us.  This is get funded or die trying for Chinaman Wu-Ping.  Do. Not. Miss. Out!  Help us get this awesome movie made.  This is more than just some action flick.  This is a film designed to showcase the most talented martial artists who reside in Austin and the central Texas as a whole.  Help us do something no one has really done before in this area.   We are doing this organically and relying on local support in order to pay local talent.  You can see some of them here and the list is growing http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3982052/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 .   No one from Big HOLLYWOOD is going to come save us. We aren’t banking on one person we know saving the day. Frankly if we knew anyone bank rolling like that we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation :) .  We are counting on a LOT of friends, family and complete strangers coming together to support us to get this Done! 1$, 5$, 10$, 20$ Don’t matter how much. It all helps.  Donate  and share the project with people who don’t know us.  Any and everywhere. Trust us, when we finish this film, It’ll all be worth it.

SXSw has been busy for us!!

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Some updates!

Chinaman Wu- Ping:  The new shirts are out!?!  Check them out on the Merch page.  The highly requested black shirts have gone into production and are available for order!  We are also working on some more choreography and on getting some more behind the scenes and pre production content out for the fans.

A Brother’s Badge:  Ballistic Blade is now working with Madison Ruby Productions on  A Brother’s Badge! Check out the film’s facebook page for updates.  This cop drama/thriller is in the works and features some hot talent from Austin in front of and behind the camera.  Stay tuned.

Insurgent:  We recently shot footage for the Insurgent promotional campaign at BAM Academy.  Lots of fun working with I AM Water stunt team.  We will also be giving you the prescreen non spoiler-ific movie review soon!

Festival News: It has begun.  Ballistic Blade, Mocha Latte and Da’Shade Moonbeam have decided to move forward with our OWN film festival.  It will be in Austin.  There will be Action.  This will automatically induce festivities.  That is all for now.

R.O.B. Series complete!!! Take a look!

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The completion of  R.O.B. is upon is!  This short series was created, written, starred in and edited by Edwin Quinones.  He did the heavy lifting but there were many moving parts that came together to support this project’s creation and we thank you all for your hard and excellent work.  This is actually our first foray into the  Sci-Fi genre with many more to come.  Stay tuned. R.O.B. 1 has been out for a while.  Here are the final chapters!! Enjoy!!




Chinaman Wu-Ping udpate

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Getting ready for his big day.

Getting ready for his big day.


So as we begin the journey into film finance we will be keeping you updated on this process.  We have been a part of feature films and provided some insights on those productions but this will be the first project that Ballistic Blade has taken on itself with a budget of over 50k.   The goal is actually set at 300,000.00 total in order to take advantage of certain benefits offered by Texas State legislature for Indie Filmmakers like ourselves.  We are reaching out to some industry insiders locally but also in California as well.  So far things are moving, albeit slowly, but moving well.  The project is being well received.  It better be.  Chinaman don’t play no games. He ain’t got time for that. He WILL show up at your corporate office and start handing out roundhouse kicks like it was his job or something.  I’m just saying.  Anywho.  Stay tuned and learn from this journey with us.    Alright. Enough talking.  Let’s Do Work.

Chinaman Wu-Ping is up!

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We have begun shooting certain scenes from the movie and our composers have already released a few audio tracks.  Very excited.   We are still financing and casting key roles as we move along.  Contact us if you’d still like to be part of the project!!  We have also put the IMDB page up as well.  Thank you to all of our committed cast and crew.  Let’s make something epic.


Check us out here!  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3982052/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1