Chinaman Wu-Ping:Stranger Out Of Canton

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A sacred document is stolen from a temple in China and Wu-Ping is sent to retrieve it. The thieves have returned with the Holy book to America. Specifically to New Town, a city on martial lock down.  To make matters worse, the thieves are well trained and highly connected in a crime infested city.   Will Wu-Ping have what it takes to finish his mission?


The Characters

Wu-Ping:  A fighter from the forests of Canton (Guangdong).  Very few people know how he arrived in China in the first place.  He has spent most of his time learning the martial arts and seeking mastery of combat.  He is a traditionalist and has been learning a multitude of classic systems of unarmed combat.  Though he is not a monk, he lives among them.

Sifu Iron Law:  Wu-Ping’s master.  He is said to have been the one to bring him to the temple.  He acts as Wu-Ping’s primary instructor.  Though he has mellowed in his older years, he was not so mellow when he was younger.  A fierce warrior with a sense of justice, Iron Law was known for being rigid in his enforcement of right and wrong.

3-Wise: A group of mercenaries led by a man called Zero.  3-Wise are purported to be the toughest fighters in the city and in New Town that’s saying a Lot.

Melody: A young girl who also wants to grow up to be a fighter. Melody and her mother befriend Wu-Ping after he saves them from a violent situation.

The Spaniard:  The overseer of New Town.  He moves with impunity.  He is the true power of New Town and controls every gang that operates there.

The Setting

New Town: A City under martial lock down.  No firearms are allowed in the city due to “The Shootout” that took place 22 years ago where a full on gang war threatened to destroy New town.  Meant to serve as a positive example for anti gun legislation, New Town has degenerated into an even more violent cesspool.  Though their are few guns able to get through the lock down, the gangsters simply traded in gun play for unarmed combat.  In this city, your street cred is determined by your ability to fight.  In an impoverished city where street cred equals potential work with the lucrative gangs, fighting becomes life.

The Objective

The Yodi Manuscripts are a book of wisdom the monks have followed for ages.  Said to be a contemporary of Sun Tzu, The Yodi Manuscripts outline the proper way for a man to live in times of war and in times of peace.  Most people did not even know of it’s existence.  There are no copies of the Yodi so the manuscript is invaluable.


“Wisdom is a jewel to treasured, a succulent feast to be shared with friend and foe alike.” Remember this…The Yodi says…

“Water is weak but the tide is powerful. That is because it has but one intent. Every drop is focused on a singular purpose. When men become so aligned the extraordinary occurs.” Remember this…The  Yodi says…

The Yodi Manuscript


This project is still available for investment.

We are excited to be sponsored by BAM Academy, a movement gym focusing on parkour in Austin, Tx.  BAM has donated finances and space to allow us to rehearse for the film!

We are proud to be partnered with Ming House Ving Tsun.  Ming House is an excellent organization helping us to show authentic martial arts in this project.  This is an ongoing affiliation that we are very proud to be a part of. 

Lions Krav Maga is a sponsor of Chinaman Wu-Ping and has graciously donated their skills and expertise in the area of Krav Maga to help us make this project.  We are very excited to have their support.


Take Flight is an apparel company dedicated to making the world’s best parkour apparel. They have agreed to sponsor the film by providing us with some apparel for the film.  Wu-Ping will be seen wearing his Take Flights when he has to go undercover.


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