Mysterious taciturn stranger from the East. Sent to retrieve an artifact of great importance. Chinaman does not speak much but when he does, it is best to heed his words. Generally his fists do all of his talking. He is a master of the martial arts. He is considered to be an anomaly by the monks who raised him. Able to quickly assimilate the basics of a martial style into his own and use them effectively against his opponents.

The Characters

Chinaman Wu-Ping, sifu Master Iron Law, Melody & her mother, 3 wise
and The Spaniard

Sifu Master Iron Law

-The story of Wu Ping- 支那人武平

A young martial artist trains with his older master, Wu-Ping trains hard daily. Mastery of the fist is
his entire life. What he has not mastered is his emotions. Anger is very strong. Strangers in military attire show up and cause trouble for Wu-Ping and his master. The end result being that Wu-Ping now has to journey to America in order to
retrieve a valuable document called the Yodi Manuscripts.

The Yodi Manuscript 

Wisdom is a jewel to treasured, a succulent feast to be shared with friend and foe alike. The Yodi Manuscripts have been with us since before the break of time itself.

"Water is weak but the tide is powerful. That is because it has but one intent. Every drop is focused on a singular purpose. When men become so aligned the extraordinary occurs." Remember this the Yodi says...

The Yodi Manuscript