Welcome to the Austin Action Fest 2019!!!

We are one of the few international festivals dedicated to video projects that either include and or are strongly driven by the action.  We have multiple categories so there are quite a few chances for you to win.  We only demand one thing of our entries…that there be chasing, kicking, stabbing, shooting or jabbing happening!  There’s nothing wrong with a good old dramedy or high school tween angst project, but again, I repeat, there must be Action.

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Vengeance by Ross Boyask

The Violence Conductor

“An incredibly well executed project with some well known names attached.  This one is destined for distribution.”

Kisha CG

“An excellent film all around.  Very well polished.”


Catrachos and Kings by Cam McHutchison

The Violence Conductor

“A well shot and beautifully graded movie with heavy production value and a sweeping story. The DP and editor chose some very interesting shots.”


Tranh & Nowak by Simon Dubreucq

The Violence Conductor

“An amazing project featuring strong comedic and dramatic performances and most importantly well shot martial arts action. This starts out very strong. It had some excellent kung fu fight choreography. The editing is fantastic. Transitions between scenes were very creative and it’s obvious that the staging was well thought out. The two have chemistry on film and the comedy is well timed.

Genevieve Doang is the strongest female action actress we have seen to date in the festival! This needs to be a feature TODAY!!”

Kisha CG

“A hilarious action packed short film worthy of award. Featuring a strong non caucasian female lead, this is a unique project and shows that a story can have a non traditional setup and still be amazing.”


Creatures of The Night by Adem Suljic

The Violence Conductor

“A visually stylized project. Some of the best DP work this year. Excellent over the top acting. Quincy is hilarious. Well shot with a nice mix of shots and good squib work. Good music and heavy sound effects. It had very tight fight choreography that was brutal and in close. There was a good mix of flash and practical techniques.”

Kisha CG

“A nicely done project with excellent visuals and good writing. I really loved the villain! The fight choreography was brutal and awesome. The music was very exciting and set the mood.”


Epic Clown Fight by Matthew Sumner

The Violence Conductor

“A unique and hilarious premise punctuated with unexpectedly dynamic combat sequence.  This was funny from go. With longer takes than is seen in most action projects this one stands out.”

Kisha CG

“A very funny short film with solid performances all around. Everything from the camera work to the fight choreography were very well executed. The comedy was very well done and it’s one of the funniest projects we’ve had this year at the festival.”


Punch Me by Jeanne Jo

The Violence Conductor

“A very original story with a tight combat sequence and some very funny moments. The actress was very funny and overall the project was well directed. It was well shot. The camera movements were standard faire during the dialogue but became much more active during the fight. The fighting style was simple yet brutal with a couple of longer takes that were impressive.”

Kisha CG

“Excellent project. I really love the story and concept of it. The fight choreography was clean and nicely done.”


The Power of the Yellow Ranger by Narayan Cabral

The Violence Conductor

“Excellent music choice. It”s short and to the point while featuring very active camera work.  Excellent job getting a hypers stylized Power Rangers vibe across. This features some excellent stunt falls by the fighters and nice choreography executed by Hope Lavelle. Her facial expressions really sell it. The should definitely consider casting this woman in the show!”


The Boxer by Narayan Cabral

The Violence Conductor

“A boxing short with much more emotion and detailed choreography than your average fair. Very stylized shots and energetic shots makes this a pleasure to watch.”

Kisha CG

“An excellent short that does a good job with the choreography as well as conveying a fair amount of emotion in the lead performances of Kevin Lukata and John Robles.”


The Accomplice by John Frances McCullagh

The Violence Conductor

“An incredibly well shot project that could easily be turned into a feature. I really enjoyed this project overall. There were lots of guns and things being destroyed. It was well executed, had some funny one liners and excellent camera work. Many of the tracking shots were masterfully done. There were a few longer takes, a couple of good falls, slams and a nice vault thrown in. Well done.”

Kisha CG

“A well done project with a nice mix of drama and comedy. There were some cute 1 liners thrown in that I really enjoyed. Felt a little like Cowboy Bebop which is a good thing. Nice twist at the end.”

Submissions are OPEN for Austin Action Fest 2019!!!

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